Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Possible Delusion

"Correlation does not necessarily mean causation."

- Jim Fitzsimons

True. But ... it can't hurt.

And no one can say that by not wearing my shirt I was the source of a loss.

Which didn't happen.

Of course I'm talking about the Los Angeles Dodgers' Game 6 World Series win last evening against the Houston Astros, a game that saved them from certain elimination and forced a deciding Game 7 this evening. I like to think I contributed not only faith in my team but a little bit of causation along with a ton of correlation, regardless of my friend's statement above.

At any rate, the final curtain call for the 2017 baseball season culminates with tonight's winner-take-all. Go, Dodgers.

.......... Ruprecht ( don't STOP until the final out of the season )

And hey! This is a thing this month ... !!!


  1. For the record, I was repeating an oft-used phrase among skeptics. Please, don't think I was taking credit for coining the old adage.

    1. I "personally" and regularly associate with only one skeptic that I know of.

      And whether you kyped the phrase or otherwise, the quote stands.