Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Make An Argument (Peeves, Part 3)

Speaking of peeves, there's a word out there which, depending on its usage, I'm not too fond of.

That word?


Used as a pronoun or adjective it's fine, not a problem. It's when someone tosses it into conversation as an interjection, as a conversation ender, it irks me. Example:

"It's didn't happen the way you're saying it. There are several different facts you're leaving out ..."

That's when I dislike it. 

Because the person saying it in this manner usually falls into one of a few catagories:

    1) They're not willing to make an argument to bolster their claim, belief or to take a stand. It's a throwaway response indicating they're done with the subject or the conversation.
    2) They're not willing to admit any faulty data or missing information and, again, it's used interjected dismissively.
    3) They don't know what they're talking about in the first place. They depend on "whatever" to pooh-pooh the matter at hand with no further comment. Using the word like this, it often takes on a condescending tone.

I maintain if you're not willing to make an argument for what you believe in even in the most mundane of conversations, I don't give any respect to you're resigned use of "whatever." You're figuratively cutting yourself off at the knees and dismissing any accountability to bolster your belief.

It's better you don't say anything at all. At least then you might appear as if you're thinking about it, mulling it over. 

And that I can appreciate.

.......... Ruprecht ( Just STOP using "whatever" already ... )

You'd think the leaves would at least fall off ... right?

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