Friday, November 10, 2017

The Phone Is Smart. Me? Not So Much ...

You know ... I used to remember things.

Lots of things.

Names. Dates. Anniversaries. Addresses. Phone numbers. Specific times of the year when things were planned. Future plans on particular Fridays. When things were due in 3 months.  

Not so much anymore.

But it's not me. It's my phone, my smart phone. 

You see, I input important things into it out of convenience and so I don't have to remember. Why should I when my phone can do it for me? It can remind me at any interval I set of tons of things - at 10 minutes prior, a day, a week, 2 months before - and I can forget all about it. Because my phone will remind me. Brilliant!

But that only works if I load whatever I want to remember into the phone on the proper date. At the proper time. 

I n
oticed a particular event approaching Saturday. (Actually, I've known about it for a couple months.) Come to find out, however, I was off by a week. A week. An entire week. Translation: The event took place last Saturday. Last week.

There's a reason they're referred to as "smart phones." The phones are smart because they inversely make you dumb. 

Or ... maybe it's just me it makes dumb ...

.......... Ruprecht ( needs to STOP relying on his smart phone )

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