Tuesday, November 21, 2017

(Possibly) Insane Commitment

When I decided to commit to this Napalm Blow-up & Potential Motivator event (better known as NaBloPoMo) it was with two specific plans of action:

  • Run the course of the event - 30 consecutive blog posts throughout the month of November. To date (and with today's posting) I'm 70% of the way there. So far, so good.

  • Visit and read each and every other bloggers posts committed to same. Rather the daunting task when you realize there are 42 (Forty! Two!) other contributors out there plunking away day in and day out.

And those plans still stand. I have ventured into about a quarter of the other sites thus far. Yes, I have a long way to go but my goal is to visit and read (or at least get the gist of) each posting out there. As of today, November 21st? That's 882 entries on the books if everyone is on track. 

Next week is I'm further committed to tear into and get the vast majority of those posts read. And here's the main reason why:

I decided to delve into NaBloPoMo because I love to see and read and experience new things. And I don't mind doing so even if it's out of my element. And believe you me many of your blogs are just that - completely foreign subjects of which I have exactly zero point of reference. 

But I've never been afraid to learn. And that's what diving into your stuff will do. Force me to learn. 

I've already enjoyed quite a few posts. And I'll be completely honest here: There are a few that either don't trip my trigger or that I even understand. (Example: Knitting and the like.) But there's nothing wrong with that. No one can be everything to everyone.

So ... here's to it. I'll even put in a progress report at the end of it all, for me and for you.

.......... Ruprecht ( won't STOP until every one has been read )

The way I see it, if you're standing on the South Pole
this thing is right side up ...


  1. A laudable ambition! I've done this a couple of times, but sadly my knitting-and-quilting blog is on hiatus till I can once again load pictures onto it.

  2. Good job on posting everyday! I would really like to read everyone's posts too. I will try from here on out and love to learn about new topics too. I like how we all have different interests and I find it interesting to see what people come up with for all these posts. Nine more days to go!