Saturday, November 24, 2018

Three Days Lax

I'm back home! That's The Good News.

The Bad News? I've missed the last three NaBloPoMo posts because of vacationing.

Hey ... I apologize but what am I supposed to do?

There was driving for seven hours to get to my destination beginning 5:00 a.m. Wednesday morning. There was last minute monkey business to attend to in order to have things ready for Thanksgiving the following day. Then, the preparations of the Thanksgiving repast itself, an all day ordeal. Of course, dinner and dessert and the obligatory clean-up on said day. The following morning found me heading out to visit a "little sister" who was in the hospital more than an hour distant, Black Friday traffic notwithstanding. And more relatives to touch base with yet another hour away after the hospital visit. Finally, "home" (to where our vacation beds were located for the long weekend) where leftovers were prepared for the home's hosts who had been working all the live long day. Today, Saturday? It was another long drive back home to Placerville where I finally get the opportunity to sit down with a moment's peace and write this mumbo-jumbo.

"Couldn't you have written while on the trip in the car, Michael? I mean ... you had seven hours of drive time, doing nothing but effortlessly letting your ass grow wider ..."

True. But the wrinkle there was I drove the entire seven hours.

"You mean you couldn't have gotten up half an hour earlier on any given morning and done your thing to get your blogs in when they were supposed to be? You couldn't sneak away and plunk out a few paragraphs and post them? Not an instance of sitting on the toilet, doing your business and getting other business done, too?"

No, I could not.

So, like it or not, here is this chronicle detailing most of what happened, justifying my excuse - whether you believe it or not - of why I was remiss over the last three rotations of the small blue ball we all ride obliviously in getting a few words churned out.

Deal with it ...

.......... Ruprecht ( STOP )

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