Thursday, November 1, 2018

Here I Go Again ...

Let's get this straight: I'm insane.

I mean, not clinically. Though, to be fair, if you ask a lot of folks I know or who have to associate with me or who have bumped into me during their everyday doings of life, they would probably state otherwise. Other than that? Yes, I'm insane.

Here, I'll prove it to you ...

October just ended. (Duh.) Among the usual riff-raff I decided to join a buddy of mine in a #Drawlloween challenge - 31 drawings, one per day based on prompts he provided. I'd never heard of Drawlloween previously and decided "Why the hell not?" It had been years and years since I did anything and, beside the occasional poster for an event or what have you, I hadn't sat down with pen and paper in 20+ years. Not seriously, at any rate. A challenge like that would expose a lot of what I needed to learn and improve on. Besides, It will be fun!" I told myself, all the while knowing deep down I was fooling my myself.

Long story short, yes ... it was fun. I learned (and relearned) a lot of things, including directions I want to go with drawing. I learned a few techniques I want to improve on and boy, do I need improving. The down and dirty: I survived the challenge.

So, here we are in a fresh new month: November. And, once more, I've been invited on another challenge, a continuing art contest, to again draw and post an image a day based on prompts for a nifty little cause, #crystalvember, in support of a lady currently fighting cancer. It's back to the drawing board for me!

My first #crystalvember entry, "T Rex Skull"
(... but ... you never would have known that ...)
But wait ... that's not all!

Additionally, it's National Blog Posting Month (better known as #NaBloPoMo) and, once again, I'm challenging myself to submit a blog post each and every day in the month of November.

If that wasn't enough, I'm doing these two events knowing I won't be home a third of the month. That's right, for at least 10 full days I'll be on the road visiting several (5!) different states and sleeping in places where I probably won't get a decent night's rest ... which in turn will further complicate my circadian rhythms and mess further with my insomnia.

But who needs sleep anyway? If I'm up and awake it just means I have more opportunities to create and get things done, right? Where's the down side? Besides, I can sleep when I'm dead.

So here I go. Busy as a beaver with strict scheduling being the first order of each day. Offer good thoughts to me in my effort to keep up ... and keep sane.

.......... Ruprecht ( STOP )

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