Monday, March 16, 2009

Entertainment Weekly

I was 'forced' to write The Powers That Be at Entertainment Weekly.

Their little blurby "
Cage's Time Capsule" was wrong, wrong, wrong.

'Cause, you know, while Rupe loves his
Entertainment Weekly, he's all about continuity just as much .....

......................... Ruprecht ( STOP )


Seriously ... let's do a little research - the teeny tiniest bit, at least - when it comes to snappy features such as "Cage's Time Capsule" on page 16 of issue #1039 (March, 20, 2009):

"His wooden hand" from Moonstruck as one of the real-life, career-spanning Cage time capsule items? Absolutely.

However, amongst the items shown is a prosthetic wooden right hand.

Come on, guys. Let's make certain it's the "right" hand:

The Left One


  1. You love "Entertainment Weekly"?!?!? Talk about dirty little secret pleasures of life... seriously, that's almost as bad as admitting to reading USA Today or the Wall Street Journal.

    And while I'm bashing everyone in sight, let me say that Nick Cage is the worst actor living. He has ruined every move he's been in, from Raising Arizona to National Treasure... not Ghostrider, tho - that was just a horrible movie. I'm not sure, but I think he even ruined some movies that he WASN'T in...


  2. It's the little things, details. I am all about the details. A favorite pastime of mine is spotting editing errors on the big screen. I just love the details. Nicely done Rupe.

  3. You tell 'em Rupe! I love your attention to detail...

  4. Yells: I love Entertainment Weekly!

    Call it a dirty little secret, but I like it. And I'm not ashamed of it, MM.

    Worst actor living?!? I think you might be imbibing a few too many brewskis there, Bub.

    You're not the worst actor living when you've got an Oscar in the books for a terrific performance in "Leaving Las Vegas". And come on, seriously: The comic acting in the Coen's "Raising Arizona" was classic stuff.

    Are you daft ... ?!?

    Now ... I haven't seen "Ghostrider", but I here it's an awful flick. Are you saying Cage was actually "watchable" in that film?

    Lastly, to state he even ruined some movies he wasn't in, well ... now you're just yankin' Rupe's chain .....

  5. *tips hat at PG & surf & perp*