Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Saint In The Grocery Store Window

While downloading photos from the last few days, I came across an interesting item in the photo above.

I didn't get the opportunity to snap a photo of the gentlemen below from the front, but I did get a quick shot off of the back of him. His shirt says: "Hell Yeah".

Now, here's the interesting thing:

Note the image in the window at the upper right of the photo. Personally, I believe it looks like a saint. Is this an apparition watching over Mr. Hell Yeah?

Wife of Rupe states it looks like a man in a suit.

You be the judge.

The photo is unretouched and raw. Click on it to enlarge and scrutinize.

....................... Ruprecht ( STOP )


  1. It sort of looks like sasquatch to me.

  2. wife of rupe is wise.

    looks like a butler, fully decked out in black tie and tails, hands clasped behind his back.

  3. Looks like a dude in a tuxedo tshirt waiting for the bus after eating a Double Filet-O-Fish

  4. Hell yeah, that's a guy in a suit.