Friday, March 6, 2009

Nothing In Fresno, California ... Lots In Thompson Falls, Montana

Well ... Rupe made it out alive. There was zero action in Fresno this past trip. No incidents. No arrests. No cataclysmic happenings. No road closures. No shootings.

However ..... in Thompson Falls, Montana, there's all kinds of frolickry going on, it appears.

I visited Thompson Falls for the first time years ago when I was courting my wife. It was the first time I'd ever been to Montana, matter'n fact. I remember there being more trees than I thought possible in the world. Everybody waved at you as you drove by. The town was a bit backward as (if memory serves) was the plumbing. The local movie house (the only one within hundreds of miles) showed films that were nine months behind the rest of the country. The nearest stop sign on the main drag (stop sign, mind you ... not stop light) was 75 miles away. Thompson was the seat of the county and my Mother-In-Law used to be commissioner of the county. (Proving that they'll let just about anyone serve that post.)

I tasted huckleberries for the very first time while there. Mmmmmmm, huckleberries. Nature's laxative. (You know that retort: "Does a bear shit in the woods?" You know why he was shitting? 'Cause he was eating huckleberries, that's why.)

Still, I fell in love with the place.

But despite the laid back atmosphere, as noted a tiny bit above, let me tell you: In Thompson Falls, Montana, there's all kinds of frolickry going on.

You want proof? You only have to open a copy of the The Sanders County Ledger, the local rag. And there, smack dab in the middle of page 3, is the Sheriff's Log.

And it just so happens Rupe has a recent copy of said periodical. May I offer some recent tidbits in and around the city of Thompson Falls, courtesy of said log? Why, thank you ... don't mind if I do. Here you go:

- Individual reports being shot at while hiking in the Mule Pasture in north Thompson Falls

- Thompson Falls Police called for teenage female reportedly out of control

- Report of missing prescription drugs

- Plains Police called for welfare check

- Information request from California

- Plains Police called for customer who may have dropped bag of marijuana in Town Pump

- Loaded handgun found in bathroom of Thompson Falls restaurant

- Plains Police called for cat switch complaint

- Thompson Falls Police told barstools used as weapons in fight at Rimrock. No arrests made

- Donkey on Highway 200 near Trout Creek

And let's not forget the Justice Court. Not much there but speeding tickets, but here was a bit of a different one:

- DaVonne Palmer, fined $397, issuing bad checks

...................... Ruprecht ( STOP )


  1. Note to self: buy huckleberries

    Rupe, we're lamenting over your absence again. Just thought you should know.
    bet'cha didn't know you were pop'larish

  2. Remind me to send you a copy of the police report in my local paper. It's hilarious!

    Also....huckleberries? YUM!