Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mouldy Oldie?

I got to thinking today: Does this song still work?

Oh, the riff's there - and you'll recognize it immediately ..... but what about the rest?

I couldn't locate the tune on Imeem, but instead here's an '83 video (a
really dated '83 video!) that'll get your memory out of first gear. Maybe.

The video runs the better part of 7 minutes, but bear with it. I promise it'll getcher thinkin' cap warmed up if'n you decide to comment. And I encourage you to comment. I'm looking for input.

Chime in, folks.

........................ Ruprecht ( STOP )

Coming in mere days:

"I used to live across the street
The Silence Of The Lambs house"


  1. Yes, it is my opinion that the song still does work. I loved it.

  2. Maybe I'm a jaded MTV-generation puke (we feel niether highs nor lows), but I do not think the song works anymore. Too much synth/keys, and the yellow jacket was quite distracting. Furthermore, I do not remember the last time I heard that one - Manfred Mann doesn't get much spin on the corporate Jurassic rock stations. That doesn't mean it isn't a good song (yeah, when was the last time you heard YYZ or Achilles Last Stand on broadcast radio?). Meh. Besides, if it isn't the pseudo-glam-bubblegum-pop of Miley Cyrus or anything from the ultra-talented Jonas Brothers, its kkkkkkrrrrrap!

  3. I'm an oldie mouldy so i suspect my opinion has little weight.
    As for the video? I haven't watched videos with regularity since before David Letterman had a full head of hair. So, again, my opinion ain't much.

    What was I talking about? I'm tired.
    I still dig the tunage.