Thursday, March 26, 2009

Random Thoughts, Part II

Look: You called me. You must know that my vehicle warranty is up. That's why you called, right? So ... when I ask you questions about trading in the vehicle, why do you hang up on me?

Taylor Hicks new single? S'aight ...

Bob The Dog is coming along.

Macaroni and Cheese from Trader Joe's with cut-up hotdogs and Cholula thrown into the mix makes a spiffy meal.

You. Yeah, you. I see you're driving one of those discount cars. One that came without turn signals. I hope you saved a hatful of dough by purchasing it that way. It will come in handy in paying the insurance for the car that just ran into you because you made that illegal right turn. Without a signal.

There is no downside to communicating with me. Really.

Music. It's inside of me. It's content there.

I have stricken the word "stimulus" from my vocabulary. This is the last time you'll see me use it.

Marketing. Catch 22 all the way.

Still, clowns are scary. They probably always will be.

I'll take my chances eating meat. I figure it's less toxic than watching Fox News.

...................... Ruprecht ( STOP )


  1. What's cholula? I'd google it but the interaction is the fun part.


    Do I need to send you some?

  3. Oh rupe, so many things to comment on in this post, first off, while I love the MLB widget, it pains me too look over there and be reminded my Phillies got their butts kicked yesterday.

    You totally have me jonesing for that Mac and Cheese now.

    I agree there is NO downside to communicating with you.

    I know exactly what you speak of with the music, it too is inside of me quite content there.

    How I wish EVERYONE would follow your lead with the word "stimulus"

    Yes, clowns are very scary, always have been, always will be in my book.

  4. There is NO downside to communicating with you. You crack me up! I miss your plurky goodness and can't wait until Lent is over to see your wit again!