Thursday, May 1, 2014

New Words And Phrases

I've always loved the English language, regardless of its learning difficulties, agonizing inconsistencies and annoying uses.

Still, it opens up avenues of vocalization and expression like no other tongue.

This week I learned a few new words.

They're not words you can readily look up in a dictionary, mind you, but they detail actions or feelings into succinct definitions which make perfect sense.

Feel free to add them to your lexicon as you see fit.

Crouchy: A state of becoming a full-fledged grouch but not quite there yet; somewhere between the levels of crotchety and grouchy

Bakupauphamy: Another state of being in approaching a level where the sarcasm slowly turns annoying, indicative of when a response contains or suggests the following - "You know what? You better back up off of me or things could get ugly ..." - where a person has reached or is in purview of bakopauphamy

.......... Ruprecht ( never STOPs learning ) 174

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