Sunday, March 30, 2014

Talk, Talk 2

You have to wonder how, sometimes, words twist to the point they're interpreted in a completely different manner than originally intended.

While it can be the power and the passion with which they're delivered, just the same tossing them to the wind with a lackadaisicalness can promote unintentional and detrimental feedback. 

It happens all the time. Reviews and critiques from the media. An interpretation of some television or radio ad. The way something comes across in a print article.

Good intentions skewed awry.

I found myself on the giving (and receiving end) of such "a twist" much to my chagrin. And, while it caused consternation, discussion and a couple apologies, it rounded out with something I say continuously:

You don't learn from your successes,
you learn from your mistakes.

Interestingly enough, I had dreams last night of being unable to reproduce lyrics to various Bachman-Turner Overdrive and Loggins & Messina songs I was recording in a studio somewhere. (Hey ... I can dream, can't I?) So ... the lyrics below - courtesy of Stan Ridgway - work perfectly :

"Now when the world is over, clocks run outta wind
Somebody will scrape through the ruins and find
A little picture of you and in a file they found
Sayin' 'Just a little too smart for a big dumb town' ..."

- "Big Dumb Town"

"Trees are tall and grass is green
One's alone and two's a team
Play guitar and make a scene
Read about it in a magazine.

"Tired of playin' what to be?
Friend is now an enemy
Slam a door and break a glass
From there to here has gone too fast."

- "Gone The Distance"

"He took a drive down the coast highway
Blowin' where the air was fresh and clean
He had a plan that said 'I'll do it my way'
but he could not plan for what he couldn't see ..."

- "Down The Coast Highway"

.......... Ruprecht ( won't ever STOP putting his foot in his mouth* )
* And this is okay. Because, if that ever happened, it would be a really boring life.

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