Sunday, January 4, 2009

Words Skolnik Would Love To Read ...

After church yesterday morning, Rupe and family ventured off to do a bit of shopping.

But first, we needed to break our fast. We'd not broken our fast a'fore leaving for church, so we were all pretty hungry.

Chipotle was our destination, being it sounded good to "the parents" ... though not so much to the girls. (You see ... parents can have their wants and needs fulfilled every once in a blue moon, too, y'know. The girls? Well, they'd just have to deal with it ...)

Food ordered, drinks being drunk, people watching underway.

And that's when Rupe witnessed The Best. Seeing such, Rupe immediately let out a guffaw right in the midst of a burrito chomp that startled the wife.

As I laughed heartily, she asked what my deal was. Rupe told her to watch for the girl in the pink T-shirt who would have to make her way back to us after having ordered.

"Without ruining the moment, you'll just have to hold tight until you can read what's on the shirt to get the full effect," Rupe explained.

Patiently, we waited. I saw my wife's eyes dart up toward the register more times than naught, but still she was spurned from a glimpse of the front of Ms. Pink Verbiage Shirt.

Finally, Rupe saw that his wife had indeed made contact. She squinted a bit in order to read the shirt ..... but the smile was immediate and undeniable.

Matter'n fact, she had a difficult time (I believe) containing her laugh as Ms. Pink Verbiage Shirt walked on by our table.

Ms. Pink Verbiage Shirt was wearing a severe rope tie 'round her face confining her pulled-back hair to the top and rear of her head.

Ms. Pink Verbiage Shirt was wearing the goofiest pair of eyeglasses ever. Ever.

Here: Let me emphasize that: EVER.

Ms. Pink Verbiage Shirt, you see, was a full-on female nerd. Straight out of Omega Mu from "Revenge Of The Nerds".

And, the thing was, it completely and totally "worked" for her. She looked fabulous.

She looked even more fabulous in the T-shirt she was wearing.

The bright pink T-shirt she was wearing.

The pink T-shirt she was wearing that said:

Talk Nerdy To Me

It was nothing less than superb.

Later, as we were leaving, Rupe went up to her, leaned over and told her:

"I just have to comment on your shirt. It's fabulous."

Slightly embarrassed, she thanked me and smiled a mile wide.

Embarrased as she might have been, I'm certain the glow on her face, having heard that comment, is still visible today ....

It was
The Best.

............................. Ruprecht ( STOP )


  1. How about this one:

    roses are #FF0000
    violets are #0000FF
    all my base
    are belong to you

    CV is a geekdorknerd lover.

  2. I know Rupe just made that nerd's decade.

    heh, CV!

  3. Wishes Rupe woulda had his handy dandy camera. Psh. Forgiven. My birthday is August 11. Feel free to take up a collection to buy me that shirt. Kthnx

  4. Only the Rupe can make a pink tee-shirt the subject of a blog topic and get away with it!


    Tooo funny Rupe!

  5. Gotta love "nerd shirts." Even in bright pink, or especially in bright pink! My kids had sassy shirts like that, especially the self-styled "band geeks."
    Me, I have yet to find a T-shirt I can commit to. Hmmm, maybe that's why no tattoos, huh?

  6. very entertaining indeed, Rupe. Thanks for that laughs.