Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Monkey Business

Fear And Parenting In Las Vegas asked me questions. In accordance with Maria's Got Questions monkey business fnp committed to, I'm doing same.

Ready? Set? Go ...

okely dokely. Here are your five questions:

1. Why did you start your blog in the first place?

It was my way of getting in touch with the little latent creatures chock-full of creative tendencies lying within at the pit of my mind, begging to be released.

They’ve since not only helped to free themselves from stagnation, but have provided entertainment, valuable information and assistance to others as well. Go figger.

2. Now that you've made your affinity for geek-loving girls well known, what geek-loving girl fills your fantasies?

Affinity? For geek-loving girls?!?

I beg your pardon. No such affinity – nor fantasy - exists. I believe you to be exaggerating a tad, fnp.

You speak, of course, to the recent post I logged concerning Ms. Pink Verbiage Shirt.

*yeesh* A guy can’t even make a girl’s day by proffering a pleasant comment without it being lavishly misconstrued …..

3. Given your recent papparazzi photography at the post office, tell us about your most notorious celebrity sighting/encounter?

Notorious. Notorious. Notorious. Well … I’ll give it a go.

This one is notorious in the sense it was performed whilst in the midst of hundreds of people. Said celebrity was monumentally embarrassed because of my antics:

There he was.

Sam J. Jones.

Actor and star of Flash Gordon.

The film had been released in 1980 complete with a bevy of spiffy actors and actresses, a soundtrack by none other than Queen and (added bonus!) it was released on my birthday!

Sam Jones. Readying his booth for autograph seekers the world over.

Interestingly, I thought, was the fact his Flash Gordon poster in the background was falling down behind him. He had arisen to fix it his ownself. What a photographic opportunity, I thought!

As I tried to get a shot off, a figure kept looming into my view – a woman, I noted - ruining my fleeting opportunity to snap Sammy. I didn’t want to take my eye from the viewfinder lest the moment escape, but the chick kept getting in my line of sight.

I snarked at my buddy who was observing all and getting a kick out of the fact I would probably miss the shot I wanted. “Who the hell is in my way?!?” I grumbled. “Tell her to move off to the side so I can get this shot!” I commanded of him.

“But, but, but ….” he stammered, “I can’t! You know who it is?”

“I don’t give a crap!” I yelled. “Tell her to move! Now!”

I could tell by his response he was starry-eyed about whoever it was, curtailing his effort to fulfill my wish: “But ….. it’s Erin Gray from Buck Rogers! I can’t tell her to do that!”

I know an opportunity when I see one. I dropped my camera, losing my sight and losing my shot, and yelled as loud as I could:

“Hey! Erin! Get the hell outta the way! Can’t you see I’m trying to get a shot of Flash Gordon here … ?!?”

Everybody and his brother within a hundred feet turned to look at not only me but who I was yelling at. Completely embarrassed, Erin slunk away, red-faced, tail tucked ‘tween legs.

I was laughing so hard, I almost didn’t get my picture of Sammy.

Being a Buck Rogers fan myself (not to mention an admirer of Erin Gray), I immediately went up to her, apologized and asked if she would forgive me my outburst. She was timid and wary of me, but loosened up when I asked if I could get a picture of the two of us together. We chatted and laughed for a good twenty minutes, talking acting and opportunities.

Good times.

4. Now that the inauguration is nearly upon us, have you had any more interesting dreams about Barrack Obama or other poliitcos?

No. I have not.

However, back to that particular dream about President-Elect Obama: It just might be a sign. Stay tuned …..

5. Since Soren's too much of a chicken to reveal his preferences, I'll ask you....boxers, briefs, or banana hammock?

Easy. Boxer briefs … preferably in color. (“Banana hammock” … ?!?!? What do you think I am ... an elephant ... ?!?)


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  1. Niiice. Great story about Erin Gray. I so wanted to be her when I was a little girl.

  2. First of all... blasphemy!!!! I did not dodge the questions... "none of the above (meaning nothing) was the answer!!!"

    Secondly, and more importantly... loved your answers!!!

  3. I will just call you Twinkle Toes the Dancing Elephant!

    ... laughing my ass off at Rupe's antics....

  4. That was very fun! Thanks for sharing! :) Even a picture! whoot whoot!

  5. Great answers Rupe! I giggled like mad!

  6. OMG! I am LMAO! Well done as only Rupe can do it! Fantastic!

  7. WHAT? Nobody's asked Rupe to interview them yet? Hell, I am up for it. I need a non-photo post anyway so, hit me with your best Mike Wallace!

    And well done good sir.

  8. I loved these answers! Boxer briefs are so much sexier than boxers or briefs (but not as sexy as Soren's version way, of course).

    So glad the post included photo - I <3 photos. Even the innocent ones feed the lil voyeuristic streak inside of me.

    I have been interviewed, but want to answer multiple groups of questions in multiple weeks - will you interview me?