Saturday, February 8, 2014

It's All About The Support

"This commercial is ridiculous ..."


"It's just dumb. No one cares about where you get a diamond from. It's just dumb."

"I beg to differ. Guys remember this stuff. They appreciate any help they can get about things that sometimes cause them to get fuzzy around the edges. A perfect example is diamond selection. Sometimes we need commercials - just like this one - to help guide us along a proper path."

"No ... no you don't ..."

"So ... you're saying there isn't a contingent of men out there who couldn't benefit from the wisdom of this Jared's commercial? Let me tell you something: It's not simply the educational pluses within the ad itself schooling us, aiding us in our choices. There's the essential support inspiring confidence in us too, you know ..."

"What? What are you talking about ... ?!?"

"Those guys? Talking to John Q. Schlub about diamondality, learning him right about the do's and don'ts of a purchase, answering questions about precious stone language and lore he might not even consider? Leading him through the ins and outs? Then "worrying" over whatever rock he chooses to go with? And, finally, confirming his purchase and sending him on his way, confident he made the right choice? Chicks don't know about that stuff. They gloss over all that importantness. They see that in a commercial and think it's nothing but a bunch of hoo-ha when, in actuality, it happens each and every day ... and to their benefit. Scenarios just like the one in that commercial happen hundreds of times a day across the country ... maybe more! It's the stuff women don't think about. More so, they put it out of their minds because they're concerned only with the rock itself, not with all the back story or history which is the cornerstone of ring buying. It's what bolsters the male ego, makes us consider the implications and, later, the consequences of our actions. Knowing there are professionals who have our backs over our purchases like those dudes in the commercial? Worth its weight in gold, let me tell you ..."

"You know there's something wrong with you, don't you?"

"I'm tellin' you: Out of sight, out of mind, Sister. Out of sight ... out of mind ..."
.......... Ruprecht ( guys won't STOP )

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  1. You're right, as usual. None of us know these things instinctively, and a guy getting ready to "pop the question" is swimming in a sea of uncertainties. So if Jared, or the Robbins Bros, advertise that they will help with that swamp, well, it's a service to the guy. It's also a service to the woman who doesn't get a green CZ with "real" fake chips in a hideous setting!