Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Really ... I Should Just Stop While I'm Ahead

Today, March 8th, is International Women's Day 

So ... ladies? Happy International Women's Day.

But, in so offering, I open a can of worms. No matter what, you know I'm going to work my way into some sort of trouble.

I wonder: Is it even appropriate to offer such a salutation, coming from me? A man? If I don't consider myself the male equivalent of a true feminist, is the sentiment disingenuous? Should I just leave well enough alone and keep my big yap shut? 

Howza 'bout I offer a simple image as way of greeting? Or is something like this too bland?

"We're women. We're more than just an icon."

After all it might illicit a not-so-(insert word here) response and counter any well-meaning intention.

Is the "strong woman" icon rote in this day and age?

"You think we're here simply to continually clean up your messes and keep you in line?"

How about something simple, non-controversial?

"Geez ... could you have picked a better image?
One without a trio of females whose heads aren't bound in scarves?"

Or something staid? Sedate?

"Boooooooooooooooooooring ..."

Maybe I should just put something comical up. You know, acknowledging the day while at the same time shooting for laughs and typical male behavior? (Women like honesty in a man ... right?)

What about the equivalent of an image of a man's power tie in a corporate meeting, so to speak? Something potent and robust?

"Ever try running around in an outfit like that, Michael?
Your boobs would pop out by the third step ..."


I just can't win. I'm not even going to try. I'll just continue digging my own grave over here, quietly ...

.......... Ruprecht ( can't help it. He'll never STOP bmaking mistakes. He is male, after all. )

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  1. There's an International Men's Day too. I can just hear all of the belching and farting that will occur.