Wednesday, January 27, 2016

It's As If He Was My Twin ...

"Hi. My name is Michael. Pleased to meetcha ..."

"I'm gonna Google my name. Wish me luck."

This, from a friend of mine this morning, one Jim Fitzsimons.

I'ven't done so. I think it was the "wish me luck" part of comment my friend made which piqued my curiosity. So away I went.

The result? It took 143 images before I was even remotely mentioned. And I'd be willing to bet no one would get the reference.

Almost two years ago I did a post on Frankenstein: The True Story. Thus the image of Michael Sarazzin, which was the featured image on the post. Makes sense. Sort of. And, both our first names being "Michael" makes even more sense.

But it was image #83 that threw me for a loop. Here it is:

Yeah. I know. Ted Cruz, American politician representing the great state of Texas in the United States Senate and current hopeful Republican presidential nominee. Go figure.

With minimal digging, I discovered the reason Mr. Cruz' mug popped up was because it was tied to a piece where one Michael Noble Jr. of The Gazette, a daily newspaper published in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. So ... there's that.

Is there an image of me anywhere in the Google search? 

No. No, there is not. And I'm okay with that.

But included in the search, way down the line if you care to scroll that far (and past some rather, let's say "interesting" entries), there is this image ...

... which is a virtual spot on likeness.

.......... Ruprecht  ( STOP enabling me, Jim ... )

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