Friday, September 25, 2015

Dear Safeway $5 Friday Ad Manager

Dear Safeway $5 Friday Ad Manager:

I'ven't'd any complaints with any of the weekly advertisements you've put out in the past. They've all been short, sharp and shocked, no questions ...

... until today's ad that is.

Virtually all the products noted are to the point. You know what is being hocked either by the photo provided or by the accompanying description.

I can plainly see the cheese is cheese, the bag of tortillas are, in fact, tortillas, that the Jif is peanut butter (as if there's anyone out there who doesn't know what Jif is but, you know, it's appreciated by somebody it's called out as peanut butter) and that All American Sub Sandwich is, indeed, a sub sandwich by inclusion of its name in the description.

But ... there's one exception:

What the hell is "Pirate's Booty" ... ??!? Gold doubloons? (No. At $5 there's no possible way.) Miniature chocolate gold doubloons? (Makes sense ... but only 12 of them? That would make them about 42¢ a pop which sounds a bit pricey.) Gummi Bears in the shape of pirate's backsides? (Now that would be funny.) Something else entirely? 

You see ... I have no clue what Pirate's Booty is. There's no description of it and the print on the packaging is so minuscule it's unreadable. Thus, I was forced to hunt for myself as to what kind of product Pirate's Booty is.

Which wasn't all that difficult.

I'm all the wiser now that I know the product is aged white cheddar baked rice and corn puffs.

I was just annoyed for a few moments and needed to satisfy my curiosity. Because I don't let things bug me to the point of "I wonder what the hell that is?" and then mentally toss the question aside. 

I want to find out about it, no matter how trivial the information gleaned might be.

So: Safeway $5 Friday Ad Manager? Get on the stick and take this as a friendly jibe to do your job a little better, please.

You're Welcome, Rupe 

.......... Ruprecht ( doesn't STOP at merely wondering about things, finds them out )

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  1. Pirate's Booty is something i miss from my USA days. yummy.