Wednesday, October 29, 2014

An Open Letter To The Kansas City Royals

Dear Kansas City Royals:

I wonder if I can ask a small favor: Do you think you could keep me in mind during your pre-game preparations, when you take the field and all through tonight's final 2014 World Series contest against the San Francisco Giants?

I know it's asking a lot. I'm certain you guys will have tons on your mind going into the final and deciding game of the October Classic. But I would really appreciate it if you'd grant me this small consideration.

You see ... I don't like the Giants. I never have liked the Giants. They've always been the hated rivals of my beloved Los Angeles Dodgers. Winning tonight's game would grant me a small solace against the disappointment the Giants furthered themselves through the playoffs and to The Big Dance where the Dodgers did not.

I know, I know ... I haven't been a good spokesman of the American League. As a matter of fact, when talking about it I've usually spewed something to the effect "Nine men take the field at the top of every inning, those same nine men better go to bat at the bottom of it" or some such. It's a mantra I believe in heartily. Yes ... I realize the designated hitter position has not only prolonged some terrific baseball careers (with many men in the position being some of my heroes) but it goes against the grain of being a true sportsman. A ball club should succeed or fail on both sides of an inning without a batting order being jury-rigged. You understand where I'm coming from ... right? You really can't blame me; it's a mindset that's been taught to me since I was a youngster ... and it's something I hold dear and true. It's not like the American League is my enemy or anything. (But, even if it were, it's a "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" thing, that sort of bond. You get my meaning?)

Regardless of my position on the whole National League / American League issue, I'm willing to do this: I promise that conflict won't stand in the way of my rooting for you guys to win the whole enchilada tonight. I mean ... even your uniforms sport the proud color (Dodger) blue which makes things more comfortable standing and cheering on your side of the fence.

So just know I'm gunning for you tonight. I hope your bats and gloves are as hot as they were last night (GREAT game, by the way), your spirits are high, your sportsmanship exemplary and you maintain that focused and competitive edge as you go into tonight's contest.

But, you know ... also with extreme prejudice.

Best of luck. I'll be watching and vigorously applauding your efforts. Keep me in mind.



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