Monday, June 9, 2014

Write On ...

You know ... it's funny. Some people don't understand. 

They don't understand why I write, what I write about or why I write about what I do. 

Some have even said I haven't written anything legible the entire time I've written. (If you believe the old adage "Even a broken clock is right twice a day" then something I've written has to have struck a chord with someone out there at some point in time. Think about that for a moment and see if it makes sense ...)

I just write. And I enjoy doing it.

Sometimes it's about me, sometimes it's about them, sometimes about things in general, sometimes in specifics. Sometimes? It's about nothing at all.

Those people who don't understand? Maybe one day they will figure out why I do what I do. I'd like them to, but it's not my concern.

I'll just keep writing ...

.......... Ruprecht ( hasn't STOPped yet. Nor does he intend to. ) 157

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