Saturday, June 29, 2013

Real Life Adventures In Construction - The Kitchen (... a continuing series ...)

Ladies & Gentlemen? For your dining and dancing pleasure, I present:  

My Current Kitchen ...

Click photo to enlarge

1) Trash can (I'm about the only one who uses this. Heathens.)
2) Skillet, circa 1970 (Still works!)
3) Brand new bottle of Cholula
4) Plastic cups (We wash them ... sometimes)
5) Cooler
6) Another cooler
7) Yet another cooler (Hey ... you have to keep your beer cold, you know!)
8) Discarded Coors case (We'll get around to throwing it away at some point ...)
9) Package of dried mango (For snacking)
10) Package of dried apricots (Again, for snacking)
11) Wooden utensils (housed in an old "Peppered & Salted Cashews" container)
12) Canola oil
13) 1/3 bottle of Glenlivet Scotch Whiskey
14) Paper towels
15) Various size baggies, aluminum foil
16) Forks, knives, spoons, whatnot
17) Cereal bowls
18) Peanut butter
19) Thermal coffee cup (hasn't been used yet)
20) Salt, pepper, garlic salt, Montreal seasoning
21) Plastic bags
22) Stale box of crackers
23) "Kitchen" table
24) "Picturesque" kitchen back splash
25) Man-sized Cutco butcher knife (Handy for loosening screws, too)

Value Added Bonus! The Laundry Area!

Click photo to enlarge

1) Star Wars Rebel Alliance T-shirt!
2) Plaster dog holding a basket of dead weeds ... draped with black shorty shorts
3) Underwear (boxer/briefs)
4) Pile of debris (includes trash, drywall, studs, dried joint compound, old fixtures, cardboard used to protect floors, beer bottles, other)
5) Two sets of patio furniture: One on top, one underneath
6) Roll-away bed (with cover)
7) All-purpose tin bucket
8) Discarded joint compound box (new home for whatever we decide to fill it with)
9) Overgrown, ill-tended courtyard bushes
10) Closet hanger pole (gaining vibrant use as an "air dryer")
11) 350 lb. combination oven (back side shown)
12) Wall between neighbor's courtyard and ours (Does little to retain the noise of breaking tile being chucked onto the pile at the crack of 6:15 in the morning, much to the neighbor's chagrin)
13) Ironically, this is a dryer (We're too lazy to hook it up. We don't want to get *too* civilized, you know ...)
14) Discarded, demo'd drywall we will pick out of the trash to use for something tomorrow
15) Patio sofa cushion (Now with drywall dust!)

You're welcome.

.......... Ruprecht ( STOP )

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