Sunday, January 6, 2013

Download The Unbelievables Theme!


It's The Unbelievables Theme ready for immediate download! 

Michael says:  

"Improve your social status! Move! Groove!"

Jeff Hickmott says:  

"For 69 measly cents you can own your very own digital copy of our theme tune!"

Clark Brooks says: 

"Download this, burn it on to an 8-track tape, put it in your Trans-Am and blast it at top volume as you fishtail around street corners while you chase thugs. Only 69¢!"

Douglas Arthur says: 

"They hail from a planet that fashion forgot, and they are coming to save your soul! Prepare yourself for the jaunty mirth of The Unbelievables!" 

Now, thanks to Flaming Schwarzkopf Experience, The Unbelievables can be wherever you are, go wherever you go! Don't leave home without them blasting out your speakers or filtering out your earbuds!

Unbelievable  ... !!!

................... Ruprecht ( STOP )

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