Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I Must Remember This ...

At 2:15 a.m. this morning via email, I received an "Advance Notice Of Item Due" courtesy of my local library.

Of course I have many questions. Such as: 

  • When, exactly, did I become so forgetful? 
  • When did the library begin this service?  
  • When did the need for such a reminder suddenly manifest itself, let alone an advanced notice?

Oh ... wait. Here's a better question: 

Why the hell is the Arcadia library contacting me at two-freakin'-fifteen in the morning ... ?!???!?

So ... I began to wonder: 

  • Can I begin to expect notification of expirations on my store-bought milk, eggs and other products? 
  • Do I need a little chime to *ting, ting, ting* me when the toilet paper roll is dangerously low? 
  • Should there be a scrolling indicator warning me that a mere 4 1/2 minutes are left of a program I'm watching on television? 
  • Should I get a telegram or somesuch from some unknown party that, say, my dinner is nearing completion?

Depending on the situation, I have a responsibility to remember certain things. In the case of checking items out at the library, I not only have the responsibility of remembering to return them - in whatever manner I deem appropriate - but the common courtesy to do so that fellow patrons may benefit from their borrowance as well. The last time I took stock of such, it comes with the privilege of borrowing.

Now? I'm on a mission to find the responsible party(s) who pinged me in the wee small hours of the morning with this "helpful little note" ...

........................ Ruprecht ( STOP* )
*Stop sending me pointless notifications at 2:15 a.m. 


  1. If I have a program scheduled to record, my TV (or the dish box, or whatever it is) gives me a 2-minute countdown. Personally, I'd like a notification that someone has taken the last roll of TP (or box of tissues, or paper towels) out of the cupboard, so that when the current one runs out I won't go looking at Mother Hubbard's Cupboard and find nothing there.

  2. Maybe you should log off your computer and or phone during sleepy time. *snort*

  3. Personally I think I could benefit from all the devices you mentioned. Because I'm a lazy person.