Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Let's All Go To The Movies

I know .... I know. You're having drive-in theater flashbacks as well.

Ain't it great?

This reminds me of the theatrical version of M*A*S*H I wasn't supposed to see ..... my mother covering my eyes and yelling at my father when Hot Lips "put on the show" in the shower.

I remember piling friends in the back of my Mercury Montego and getting in the drive-in while stifling laughter.

I remember a bunch of friends meeting up when we were in high school for the triple-feature gore fest.

And I remember the advertisement above.

Good times .....

............... Ruprecht ( STOP )
Thanks, Douglas Arthur


  1. Wow, thanks for this blast from the distant past Rupe!

    Now I know I am older than dirt! How can you possibly remember that??

    Well, one good thing... I know I have not killed that brain cell!

  2. SWEET, been there, definitely done that!

    And you're right, good memories :)