Friday, March 12, 2010

Walk To School

So ... what exactly
was the mission here?

None, really. Reed and I just decided to hike to Riley's school and pick her up via foot instead of car. (Turn up your speakers and click that link!) Good opportunity to get out in the fresh air and get Bob The Dog exercised as well.

And, while we're at it ..... why not take the camera along? I decided it would make an interesting challenge to snap a shot every 30 to 60 seconds on the way there and on the way back. Get anything I could interesting and worthy of posting, if at all possible.
So there was a mission after all.

Did I succeed? That's for you to decide. The results are below. (Click on any of the images to enlarge.)

Bob knew we were headed out. He was rarin' to go.

Mandatory sniffery.

Young tree proppage.

Back of the front.

On the main drag.

Fast moving Mexican on a mission.
(No. Bob did not grow

More sniffery.

Lost cat.

The unpacking of the kid.

Christmas lights still hung in the trees.
(Or, more likely, forgotten.)

Alley down there.

Electrical wires up there.

Crossing with care.

Bob's leading the way.

Ducks and rabbits in the shade.

See a penny, pick it up!
All day long you'll have good luck!

Here comes a paramedic.

Pumpkin? Still? Really?

Big dunk, obviously.

It must be margarita - thirty!

Freshly painted crosswalk.

Passing the grocery store.

Midget vehicle in wait.


Approaching the school.

The kids ... they're free!

Not the most conducive time for a delivery.

What in the world ... ?!?

"The Gathering Before The Crossing"

Seriously: What in the world are they wearing ... ?!?!?

Ready to venture home.

Kid throng at 2:45 p.m.

Texting ... waiting.

8th grader in coonskin cap.

There's that midget car again.

Approaching the main crosswalk.

Bob spies a friend.


The other side.

All together, now.

Shoes being moved by feet.

Mom patrol.

Trudging along.

Bob's anxious.

Still going.

Yet another alley entrance.

Time to get the mail
... and the paper ... and the flyers

On the living room window
or plastered up and down the street,
the cat is still lost

"Hey! You! With the camera!
Quitcher dilly-dallying and get a move on!

Sign, sign,
everywhere a sign

I know, I know ....
you wouldn't know what a road looks like
without this shot

Nail ... asphalt.

Danger gate.

Thomas The (Entrapped) Train.

Not quite sure
what to do here in the park

That lamp ... it seems out of place.

Obscure planter.

Type O Negative.

Bob's done.

Fresh water, anyone?


..................... Ruprecht ( STOP )


  1. Now I've had my exercise for the day, having walked to and from the school with you and the crew! Had to chuckle at margarita-thirty, though. Last time I was in that restaurant, a HUGE cucaracha ambled across the table. Last time!

  2. this was the BEST EVA! Thanks for sharing your day.

  3. Rupe, I have a vague recollection of your desire for a coonskin cap! Maybe Knott's Berry Farm?

  4. I've always wondered why there were so many vehicles in California with flat tires. Now I know. CADOT put NAILS ithe asphalt!

  5. I don't know about out there on the west coast, but here in the east we don't have to nail our tar to the asphalt.

  6. Also, how much supplimental life insurance do you need? Two ducks? That's just being showoffey.

  7. Thanks for taking me on the trek.