Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Brain, Defunked

Listening to my trusty 100.3 The Sound on the way into work this morning, a familiar song came out the car speakers.

“Turkey Apple Ferris Wheel”.

Wait … that’s not the title. Wait.

Oh, yeah. It’s "Trapped Aardvark Just Working Out".

No, no, no. That’s not it either.

Okay! I remember! I got it: “Too Many Pews Facing Out”.

What in the world … ?!? How could I possibly forget the name of this tune? I know the artist, Bruce Springsteen of course. So … why can’t I get the title working in my mind?

“Tent Amy’s Are Freaking Out”?

“Test Anime Faking Kraut”?

“Tea Paring Knife Drinking Stout”?

Good Gordness! I need more coffee.

I look down at the display on my stereo. It reads “Tenth Avenue Freeze Out”, you bonehead.

Naw. That can’t be it ….

……………………………. Ruprecht ( STOP )


  1. Have no fear Rupe, I've had many moments like this. You'll snap out of it!


    Great song Rupe for day one of the Mother in Law visit!

  3. When Smashmouth's "Walking On The Sun" was a big hit, I couldn't make out the lyrics to save my life. Then one night, very late, I got an emergency phone call and had to go somewhere. That song came on the radio and I understood every single word, crystal clear. One of the weirdest things that ever happened to me.


    Sorry Rupe but your titles are much more entertaining and fitting. The Rupe is never wrong ;)

  5. "I won't poke my eyes out and surrender" -- Dido 'White Flag'