Saturday, June 20, 2009

Macaroni Grilling No More

It was rather a shame
Macaroni Grill closed in this neck of the woods this week. But it was rumored there might be a bevy of treasures being gotten rid off.

As it turned out, there was little to see. And not much to be had.

Rupe acquired a gaggle of industrial strength serving plates akin to the one shown here (concoction not included) along with two spifftacular aluminum pizza peels with wooden handles. A couple dozen circular wooden bread serving plates.

Tossed in a conveniently placed dumpster in the parking lot were a couple cases of Macaroni Grill's signature bread - still completely sealed and usable - along with lots of other restaurant refuse. At least the bread would go to a good home - to the homeless we have wandering about, living 'round the storm drains and bridges we have here.

But, Rupe's certain you're wondering about all the wine. Miles and miles of wine that graced the interior of the restaurant. It really is criminal what they did with it. The majority of that wine was uncorked and disposed of. A few were hauled off by the management, the remainder was down-the-drained. It was enough to make any grape-lover cry. The emptied bottles were either hauled off by those that would take them for recycling or smashed and trashed.

Rupe spoke with one of the Big Boys who was overseeing the Grill's closure the day it shut its doors for the final time last Thursday. Rupe even volunteered to do a bit of "demolition work", but was kindly told that wouldn't be possible. Big Boy was accommodating and informative to a fault, but "company policy" prohibited anyone assisting with any "demolition duties".

So ... after wading through rolling bins and burnt-bottomed pots and soiled linens and a full bag of onions among other items, there was naught to do but sigh and leave.

Rupe acquired one sad momento from the Grill ... one of the last legacy items showing evidence
Macaroni Grill was ever a vibrant gathering place for the hungry in the city of Monrovia:

.......................... Ruprecht ( STOP )


  1. Damn, even to a non wine lover like myself the wine wastage is sinful. Down the drain? Now the rats will be inibriated!

  2. Sounds like a dumpster dive for the ages, Rupe. Shame about the wine, tho...