Monday, June 29, 2009


. . . Vacation . . .

Dear Value Added Services Habitué:

There will be sporadic monkey business on this site for the next 10 days or so ... if there will be any monkey business at all.

You see ... we're headin' out. It's vacation time. Montana calls. The land of "20-years-behind" plumbing. Waving strangers. Lonely stretches of road with gorgeous views. Louis and Clark territory.

There is no DSL where we are going. I believe there to be nary a phone line, even. (I jest, of course.)

The Point Being: It's time to commune with nature, visit relatives, relax and recreate. Time to four-wheel. Pick huckleberries. Time to beat the Father-In-Law relentlessly at Jenga.

Time to leave the blogging for another time, be it with pictures or with words.

While on leave, the camera will be working furiously and plentifully, to be sure. The posting, however, will not. If it does rear its head, it will be by happenstance only.

It will return ... on my return.

You'll survive. I'm sure of it .....
........................... Ruprecht ( STOP )


  1. Have a great time!

  2. What'll we do
    When you are far away
    And we are blue
    What'll we do?

  3. Man, this is so gonna suck. But it's great for y'all.
    **pretends it's Lent**

  4. Internet traffic is gonna plummet.

    Make sure you only pick consenting huckleberries.

  5. *GASP!* What will we do???

    I hope you enjoy your vacation time it sounds like you are going to have a great time!

    Safe travels!

  6. Avoid the poison ivy and angry steers.