Thursday, December 18, 2008

That ‘Ole Christmas Spirit

Rupe had the most high-larious post office encounter at the tail end of the morning this morganin’.

Whilst walking back to the car after postificationizing, Rupe crossed paths with an Oriental lady that was on her way in. She was dressed in a warm coat, white skirt and be-booted in calf-high black boots. I glanced at her and smiled and kept walking toward my car.

As I approached the car, out from some parking lot bushes came an old gentleman who suddenly yelped out:

“Ooooooooo-eeeeeeeeeeeee Uffff ... !!!”

and gave an arm-cock gesture to further punctuate his outburst.

“That makes me think of sex right there!”
he further exclaimed.

I saw him immediately when he made his first exclamation. I gazed along his line of sight to what the source of his outburst was.

But of course: 'Twas the eye-spying of Bootsy Lady.

I laughed my butt off, though discretely. I wish I had had my camera at that very moment.

I watched him as he stopped in front of the post office, waiting for Bootsy Lady to enter. I just knew he was in hope of opening the door for her. She finally did enter, but through an all-together different route.

A few seconds later, however, Bootsy came out, with the man not far behind, burning holes in the back of her no doubt. My chance to snap shots.

The United States Post Office. Not necessarily the dread locale many believe it to be .....

.................... Ruprecht ( STOP )

"... It came without ribbons, It came without tags, It came without packages, boxes or bags. Christmas can't be bought from a store ...
Maybe Christmas means a little bit more ..."

- Dr. Seuss


  1. "BOOTSY" OMG! I'm dying here. This post made me smile as they always do. You never disappoint!

  2. 'Twas the eye-spying of Bootsy Lady. LMAO!
    Also wondering if you usually take your camera with you to the post office...

  3. You just never know when the camera's gonna come in handy, MA .....

  4. Firstly, the most important part of this post comes at the end and in the smallest of fonts. Thank you.

    I have been carrying my camera around hoping to catch some weirdery. None such ... yet.

  5. OMG... that... was... AWESOME! Loves her some Rupe

  6. ROFL! I love it and your stealth photography!

  7. ROFL! I think at a certain age people lose control of whatever stops the mouth from relaying what's truly going on in the brain.

  8. It just goes to show that a good blogger should *always* have a camera at the ready. lol

  9. Rupe:
    Hilarious story.
    And now...please put your hands together as we welcome a new video to a new song by Andy Prieboy (he's got more new songs up on his website):

    Yr pal, Edwin

  10. I am in awe at Rupe's Kinnearing abilities!!!