Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's Not A Wad ... It's A Waste .....


That's what I was when I saw the amount of paper being wasted in my office when I started there a year ago.

Coming from the printing industry, I made it a practice that my customers contact me if they had waste paper. I dutifully printed logos, names and numbers (or whatever) on the reverse side, chopped it up, glued'em together and scratch pads for scribbling, et al.

But this place .... *yeesh* I've seen an overworked copier that spits out tons of single-sided items to be tossed in a matter of minutes once their use is exhausted.

So I yelled and screamed. And the rules changed.

Anal by nature about paper, I've always quartered waste 8½ x 11 sheets and used the reduced pieces as scrawl stock. Great for quick notes or doodling while in purgatory on the phone. Perfect for jotting down that number or reminder you need and stuffing into your pocket. Staple a wad of'em together and you have an instant note pad to take into that dreary meeting with you. Someone's bound to wonder what that rag-tag mishmosh of gathered paper is doing in your possession. Edumacate'em, why don't you! Who gives a rat's ass if it's got printing on the reverse? Get concious, people. Getting savvy ain't tough for this little project.

You can do it
. Don't be so particular that you can't have a stray upright letter file on your desk with a neat collection of reusable paper. It's good for the mind, good for the soul, good for the tree that gave its branches up knowing you're gonna use its pulp to the fullest. (The tree's soul is hovering over your left shoulder giving you the stink eye each time you chuck a good piece of unused paper in the round file, you know ..... Less trees used, more overall benefits for you and yours.)

It's just a little thing, guys ... but in the overall scheme of the everyday, it's huge.
And you'll feel better about yourself for having done it.

It won't hurt you. Promise.

................................................................. Ruprecht ( STOP )


  1. Fantastic suggestion. I keep a paper basket under my desk and under CableDad's desk. When we've put "too much" in it I take it out, sort out what I can reuse to shopping lists etc and the rest goes to the baby for coloring.

  2. I McHear you, cable. My girls have an unexhaustive supply of coloring sheets that call their names often .....

  3. Awesome, I love it! It really is easy to make so many small changes that have a huge impact over time. If only everyone would get that, the impace would be astounding.


  4. great post. and verrrry happy to find rupe's blog!