Monday, July 14, 2008

Drama .....

It's all over the place.

And, of late, it's been comfortably housing itself within the spare bedroom at Casa De Rupe.

The World Of Rupe is oft overflowing with Three Ring Circusry! Everyday, it seems, for the last several weeks there's been acrobatic drama up the nose!

Clowns and elephants and 'splosions and musical accompaniment in spades!

Zounds! Admission should be charged!

Onward .....

Rupe has a good friend from school. He's a good guy, but he's got strange things bippin' & boppin' about in his noggin, Rupe thinks.

Rupe's wife gets a call from Rupe's friend's mother who lives a few hours distant. "Heard from 'Tall Drink 'O Water'?" she asks Rupe's wife in a message left on voicemail. (Henceforth,'Tall Drink 'O Water' will be referred to as 'TDOW')

Rupe's friend's mother reveals: "'Cause we haven't ... and this's been goin' on for the last week or so ..... Father Of TDOW and I have called numerous times and can't get hold of TDOW, Wife Of TDOW or Mother-In-Law Of TDOW."

Rupe's wife informs Rupe. Rupe jumps on the phone and dials up TDOW. Nuthin'. Answering machines. At TDOW's home, cell and Wife Of TDOW's cell as well. Rupe leaves messages all over the place, wonderin' what's goin' on. "Give Rupe a call," Rupe requests ... and a bit heatedly at that.

Rupe calls Rupe's friend's mother. "How'za doin', Mother Of TDOW? Tell Rupe a story," Rupe offers.

"I've'n't a clue, Rupe. We call and call and call to no avail. Have you heard from either of them?" Rupe confesses he has not. But he's left messages and if he hears anything, Rupe'll be on the horn to Mother Of TDOW posthaste.

It's not like TDOW to NOT return calls, especially when messages have been left. And now, it's been a week of days past ... with no word.

Rupe considers taking a jaunt to TDOW's house to see what Rupe can see.

Rupe has visions aplenty of what could've come about or happened, all of which are blog worthy fiction, of course ..... but Rupe won't allow his 'magination to get the better of him just yet ..... (At least ... not 'til Rupe gets to the heart of the matter and finds out wasabi .....)

Discussing the situation with Rupe's wife, the best plan of action may be to skedaddle to TDOW's abode for a looksy.

It's been hours since the original phone call to Mother Of TDOW. Rupe decides to give her a jingle in the event any new news has surfaced and to let Mother Of TDOW know what Rupe intends.

But, just before Rupe can pick up the phone, Rupe's phone rings. It's Mother Of TDOW. It seems the mystery has been solved. TDOW and Wife Of TDOW have come to a collective decision. Neither will be answering the phone in the evening time anymore.

This is an excellent idea on their part, they surmise, to keep the accumulated stress levels of the day to a minimum ..... and to keep any additional invading drama at bay .....

Mother Of TDOW discloses Brother Of TDOW finally got hold of TDOW and discovered this goofy bit of information.

Brother Of TDOW gave TDOW a tongue lashing that may make news in the morrow's paper, she reveals. Rupe offers to do same, 'cept with some well placed backstrokes to the reverse of TDOW's head with a canoe paddle.

Mother Of TDOW thinks that's a spiffy idea and grants Rupe her blessing. "Just don't wake the children if'n you're there after hours," she cajoles mildly.

There you have it. Drama.

Most excellent drama ... rife with Three Ring Circusry .....

.................................. Ruprecht (STOP)

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