Monday, January 12, 2015

Still Celebrating ...

I asked myself today: "When does it become inappropriate to wish someone a Happy New Year?"

And by inappropriate I don't mean "inappropriate." I mean inappropriate along the lines of "ill-suited." More so I wondered about it in a general sense of the correctness of acknowledgment.

Currently? It's still all right to "Happy New Year" whoever you choose. I mean ... we're a mere two weeks into 2015 for Pete's sake. And when you haven't yet seen someone and stumble upon him or her in February and such a hail greeting strikes you? I don't see a problem with that. Do you?

But ... get past February and it can get a little weird.

You wouldn't say it in April, definitely not on Flag Day ... and you wouldn't even think of mumbling it at the mid-year mark ... right? And it doesn't even occur as a weird mind quirk come autumn, even at the most awkward of meetings, does it?

If you think about it, most months of the year (the latter 10, let's say) get the metaphorical cold shoulder when it comes to offering such a salute. If you're one of these months you drew the short stick.

But ... I don't know if this necessarily needs to be the case.

Of course, you wouldn't greet someone you see every day with "Happy New Year." That's just dumb. You wouldn't say it to your fellow office worker down the hall every time you bump into him. You wouldn't offer it to your barber each month you get a hair cut. Nor would you give it any thought when you say hello to the cashier at the grocery store every other week. Or at your favorite fast food joint. Or when you jauntily step yourself into the bank and belly up to a helpful attendant. 

But you would do so to those individuals you haven't yet seen in the new year. That makes complete sense, doesn't it?

So why don't you do it? "Why don't I do it?" I asked myself.

Well, I'm not asking any longer. I'm forging ahead and committing to it each time the chance arises.

I'm certain, no matter the month, an enthusiastic "Happy New Year" will beat "How's it goin'?" or "What's up?" or "Fancy meeting you here!" or a goofy "I wondered if I'd bump into you" each and every time.

And that goes double with strangers, too. (Yes ... I'm known to talk to complete strangers often, out of the blue and in the most interesting places.)

And if it raises an eyebrow or two? Nothing wrong with that ...

.......... Ruprecht ( still won't STOP )

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