Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Little Improvement ... Perhaps

Out with the old and in with the new they say.

And that's what I'm going to attempt once again with the start of two thousand fifteen.

I did my fair share this year of the "out with the old" part. I made that exact statement one year ago this very day. And (here's some of the preaching part) I didn't do half bad a job of it, either. New ventures, different attitude, etc.

But I'm not going to gloat and back slap myself for the year's accomplishments, great or small.

I am going to rid some of a bad habit of mine, though - yapping about things incessantly. I'm going to attempt to slough off some of the niggling things I've harped on and squawked about throughout 2014. And do a little bit more of that preaching at the same time.

Understand, however, I'm not completely delusional; not all I am going to crow about will magically disappear or change miraculously with the shedding of the old year. But maybe, just maybe, in putting it out there the intention (at least) of putting some of these things behind me I can fool myself into starting start fresh.

So ... people ...

Use The Turn Indicator On Your Vehicle. I don't know what the deal is of late but over the last several months I seem to have the "good fortune" of getting behind motorheads who have no clue how to use that stick on the side of their steering wheel. And, naturally, I make comments out loud to myself (and others if driving with passengers) about the folks ahead of me. "Must be one of those economy cars that comes without a turn indicator." "I get it. The 'need-another-bite-of-my-Big-Mac' was more important than letting me know he was going to turn right." "See that chick there? I trust she saved a bundle when she bought that Mercedes by nixing the 'turn indicator option' on her purchase." "Buddy? If you're going to turn left, let those behind you know your actually going to turn left. No ... I mean your other left ... not right as indicated by your blinking right light." "I'm just going to pull up alongside Mr. Backward Cap up there and politely let him know his turn signal lamps are out and he might want to take a quick trip to Auto Zone and get them replaced." Yeah ... you get the idea.

Diet Soft Drinks. Stop drinking them. Remember when Sweet 'N' Low came out and there were those studies done on lab rats concluding cancer was more likely to develop from Sweet 'N' Low's consumption rather the use of sugar? That was back in the 1970s ... and the studies continue to come forth today for not only that product but all the sucralose additives in soft drinks and gum and baked goods and more. Besides, seriously ... diet soft drinks taste like crap anyway. Develop a taste for iced tea without sugar. You'd be surprised how good it tastes ...

Taking The Lord's Name In Vain. Stop it. One of the ten commandments says not to do that. What? You don't practice Christianity? So why not use some other deity's name in your epithet? Here's a thing: How about respect for any religion or faith, not just those who believe in God? That's just good manners. You're an atheist so it doesn't make a difference to you? I understand that ... but still, good manners if nothing else. Good manners are universal, you know.

And ... speaking of epithets ...

Stop Cussing So Much. You sound ignorant when you use them to excess. Blurt epithets for emphasis. You'll get more mileage out of them, trust me. Their minimal use will punctuate your intent with a lot more *umph* if you curb their frequency.

And, speaking even further about words ...

Stop Saying "Like" Every Four Words. You're not a teenager. And while you're at it, stop with the overused "awesome." And "awesome sauce." And "crap ton." (What is that, anyway?) Thankfully, we saw the death of "Oh, snap!" long ago. Remember how annoying that phrase was? "Like" and "awesome" are right there with it.

See? Just a few little nippy things are all I have to complain about. Little things that are fixable. At least I think they are. Now? I'll stop barking about them.

On the flip side, how about doing some things for your ownself? Again, little things, completely doable by your lonesome ...

Learn Something New Everyday. Use your cell phone much? Good. How about utilizing it to better yourself instead of SnackChat (stupid kids) or gaming or inane texting or whatever other dumbass application you have on your phone and download Use the "Daily Word" feature, program it to pop up every single day so you increase your vocabulary throughout 2015. No ... you're not going to remember each and every funky word that pops up, Nor will you use them in everyday conversation. But you just might become a little bit smarter. And becoming a little bit smarter every day just might ward you from Alzheimer's disease. (You're welcome.)

Talk To Strangers. Speaking of cell phones, get off them and converse with a stranger when you're in the grocery line ... or in line ordering that Subway sandwich on the run. Or in the checkout at a department store. Climb out of your social cocoon and live a little. You just might learn something from someone new. It won't kill you.

Hold The Door Open For People.
And be conscious of doing so. Courtesy: Exercise it. It makes you look good. It makes you feel good. And - good news - it's free.

Slow Down When You Drive. You don't need to go so fast, trust me. You'll save gas. Your sanity. Your nerves. You'll have a better outlook on life, too. Life is fast enough ... isn't it? Take it easy.

Set Your Clocks 10 Minutes Fast. Seriously. In your car. Your watch. Your phone clock if you use that. The clock on your stove, in your living room, in your bathroom. Guess what? When you're late? You'll realize you have 10 more minutes. It sounds kind of stupid, I know. But you'll find it's liberating. And you'll feel better about yourself. And? It's free as well.

One more thing: Share this stuff with someone. Of the couple hundreds I know who read my blather, a few of you will act on a couple of the above things. And the fact of the matter is you'll be all the better for it, I know. Not "world changingly" better ... just personally. Just a little bit. 

Happy New Year, folks.

.......... Ruprecht ( won't STOP, even going into 2015 ... )

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  1. Is it possible that we're siblings, separated at birth? I agree with every bit of this and have thought (and voiced) these very sentiments on numerous occasions.