Thursday, July 3, 2014

surreal.cgi My Ass

That image above?

It's a screenshot of the pain in the ass "bug" that pops up every time I open my Rupe's Value Added Services blog. (You could comically comment it's one of the "value added services" I get.)

Well, I'm tired of it.

I'm tired of it popping up, I'm tired of having to cancel the damned thing out each time it rears its ugly little head. It's some sort of none-invasive glitch that has set up a comfortable home over there and it's decided it's not going anywhere while all comfy and cozy. I've been messing about for ages trying to find out how to eliminate it and I haven't come up with a way to do so. 

It hasn't done any harm. It's simply annoying. Several visitors to that blog have noticed it appears, but only on occasion. It hasn't done anything to them, either, outside of be annoying. And it only shows up sporadically.

My solution? I've transferred to a "redux" version of the blog at a new address (you're here right now!) and put the word out of the new digs. No, I'm not going to switch the 300+ blogs I have at Rupe's Value Added Services to this one, but I did add a link at the right so anyone curious can access all those little gems as they see fit.

So here you are, at the new Redux of the blog. Please continue to enjoy and comment and share and call me on stuff.

.......... Ruprecht ( came up with a solution to STOP "surreal.cgi" ... and now you're reading it )


  1. Thanks for taking care of this. It was annoying and occasionally would freeze up my computer. Not enough for me to stop reading your blog, obviously!