Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm A Feng Shui Master

I was discussing a few things with an estate sale "stager" the other day while inside a house going up for sale and the following conversation took place ...

"If you have a moment, do you mind running through the house with me to let me know what I can and cannot take?" I asked the stager.

"Sure," she replied.

"This room: What would you like left?"

"Just about everything. Anything removed from it will make it look empty. But ... you can definitely take the mirror."

"I thought that would be one thing you'd want to remain, being it will leave a gaping hole on the wall over the mantle. Are you certain?"

"Yes," she said. "It's not Feng Shui."

"Really? How so?"

"Any negative energy from outside the house would be reflected into the house with the mirror facing the window like that. That's against Feng Shui principles."

"Hmmmmm. Well ... what about any negative energy projected by new tenants from inside the house? Wouldn't the mirror, in that position, deflect that energy outside? But ... I guess that wouldn't be fair to the neighborhood ... would it?" I punned at her.

I got rewarded with a dirty look.

.......... Ruprecht ( STOP )
As in ... stop taunting Feng Shui believers 

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