Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fooling Myself

It'd been a while since I had eaten.

I didn't do dinner the night before and it was only coffee that morning, so I was hungry. I had several errands to run and thought I would just grab something on the fly.

The problem however was that between work and my destinations the quick in-and-out food purchasing options were practically nil. With the exception of my old nemesis: McCrappage.


Begrudgingly, I pulled into the drive-thru line and decided on a chipotle Angus burger. How bad could it really be? I'd had the mushroom and swiss Angus concoction previously and it was passable. I noted on one of the decorative lawn signs beside the order kiosk a picture with the burger I wanted spilling out red onion, so I made certain to place my order sans condiment. I don't like red onion. Matter'n fact, I verified it with the guy who took my request.

This may have been a mistake.

You see: While the burger was tasteless ... while the bacon on the burger had an inclination toward cardboardy-ness ... while I was thankful the overly pungent chipotle sauce slathered on the sandwich at least gave it some sort of flavor, I believe the red onion I asked to be held may have actually made the meal appreciative. Because, let me tell you something: This particular lunch? One I'll tuck in the back of my mind as a "order if desperate only" selection.

I keep fooling myself food at McCrappage will be good. It has to be every once in a while ... right? Especially if you're famished ... right? Anything's good when you're famished ... right? Right?

Right ... ?!?

Bueller??? Bueller ... ???

................................... Ruprecht ( STOP )


  1. No, Rupe, it doesn't. There is a reason you call it McCrappage: it is! Personally, I find that two filet-o-fish sandwiches are palatable enough to go down the hatch without gagging, and seem to feed the inner woman pretty well. Himself agreed with me! Those,shamrock shakes, and Egg McMuffins, are my only purchases there. The Daughters swear by the coffee, but I prefer *bux.

  2. Best thing on the menu at "McCrappage" is the original ole cheeseburger, love the mustard, ketchup, pickle, and grilled onion bits! The meat is optional hehehe!

  3. Double quarterpounder with cheese, extra onion, hold the pickles. But again... only if truly out of options.

  4. Ha this is almost as funny as theanonymousteenagers blog :)

  5. To me, the problem isn't McCrappage, it's the tragedy that your reasonable life includes not eating and not having time to prepare and eat a whole food meal. You've given a great example of how modern life is a little off track. We're designed to eat, breath, sleep. All three of those things are in rare supply in our pressed lives. I hope you get some time to eat real food soon.

  6. I like the fries, gotta be something addicting in the grease.

  7. I like the fries. Must be something in the grease that's addicting.

  8. I only buy the filet-o-fish from there.