Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Think Her Name Was 'Dakota'

Today, as I sat and ate lunch in my car, I saw a woman sitting on a bench waiting for a bus.

And she was good.

How good was she? You be the judge:

It was about 59°F degrees outside. Yet she was in a bare-armed tanktop, she was continually drinking from a soft drink container and she fanned herself incessantly.

As a matter of fact, after about 5 minutes of fanning, she put on a big, bulky jacket ... apparently because she grew cold from all the fanning she did.

I mean … this woman was that good …

............... Ruprecht ( STOP )


  1. Sadly, I can relate to that woman. "Personal summers" "power surges" "hot flashes" whatever name you call them, they are PURE HELL to live through. Men are lucky they don't experience this.

    Worst part? They strike quickly, out of nowhere, do their boil-and-bake thing, and when you're completely annihilated, they recede, leaving you shaking with chills.

    Men just don't understand.

  2. I wonder if she realizes that Rupe is her SECOND biggest fan?

  3. perhaps she was waiting to meet someone she hadn't met before and told them she would we wearing a huge green coat. she just got warm waiting for her big date!

  4. LOL Only one thing could have made this post better, the before picture. Great Post!

  5. I have a feeling that you will gain a different perspective when Wife of Rupe goes through the change.

    Naughty, Rupe, naughty.

  6. Cripes!

    Backlash! I'm supposed to know this ... ?!?

    Hello! No point of reference here ... !!!

  7. OMFG
    i'd like to see that women too *_*
    greetings from germany <3