Sunday, August 15, 2010

This Is Nobody

Garage Sales.

Some people love them. Some people hate them. Putting a sale together and working one? Some would rather dig a ditch than be subject to such an heinous production.

Now ... I can't say I truly love'em, but they offer the opportunity for fun and frolickry along with the wheeling and dealing. There's a certain thrill to formulating a transaction with someone who must possess your 'stuff'.

But what I want to do here is introduce you to someone in particular, someone named 'Nobody'. Let me explain:

A few weeks ago, I was the hunt for boxes to pack up garage sale items in preparation for the big event. Not only did I come across what I was looking for, but I also stumbled upon a bevy of discards obviously no longer needed or wanted. Among them: A retro vintage fan, in perfect condition, a brand, spankin' new magnetic chore chart for a child, still in it's original shrink wrap and the most awesome, gigantic rolling pin ever seen.

But the true find had to be the saddest, rustiest, most hole-ridden, cobweb-filled and grungiest watering can ever laid eyes on.

When I brought the treasures home and showed them to her, I beamed as I proclaimed "Perfect for the garage sale!" of the watering can.

She looked at the can, she looked at me. In a flat tone, emphasized only by her incredulousness, she noted: "Nobody is going to buy that thing."

Well, I would like to introduce you to 'Nobody'. She's real. She was a breath of fresh air and she was accommodating enough to pose for the picture I snapped below.

'Nobody' purchased that watering can for a mere 50
¢. I'd forgotten it was even out there among our wares. I put it on our front stoop with our plants for decoration. When she asked if it was part of the garage sale booty for sale, I lit up like a Christmas tree.

"Of course it is! It's yours for four bits!"

She was delighted. I was delighted.

And I had photographic evidence 'Nobody' exists ...

........................ Ruprecht ( STOP )


  1. Awesome post, thanks for sharing this moment!

  2. Very funny dude. I have to come back and read more. LOL