Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Teh" Three Responses

I take no credit for the responses below.

Please enjoy .....

Why Do People

Intentionally Misspell "The"
By Writing "Teh"?

"While it could very well be a typo, people do actually do it deliberately.

"It goes along with chat-speak, really. It is considered 'cool' on the internet by some ill-educated teens to spell things badly.

"I find it rather sad that stupidity is thus aggrandized."


"Spelling "The" with the 'e' and 'h' reversed starts as an accidental error, like typing a "1" in place of a "!" (because you miss the shift key). So lovers of "Leet" (elite) speak deliberately adopt common misspellings of words as a badge of their "Leet"ness. It's a manner adopted in the main by people who spend a little bit too much time on line.

"If you find yourself replacing letters with numbers that resemble them in shape on purpose, if you replace exclamation marks with "1"s or you misspell "The" on purpose, it is nature's way of telling you that you are way past the point when you really need to get out more. It means you desperately need to make contact with other human beings in the conventional sense.

"Don't pretend now, you know you do."


"If you are going to use the English language, you should take the time to know its mechanics - especially when we go out there in the real word and look for jobs.

"I'm sure some of you are thinking "Say that will never be!", but as you get older and your writing is still at a third grade level, your options will be significantly limited. So why not fix that now? I think it's a worthy subject. "

.................... Ruprecht ( STOP )