Monday, January 12, 2009

The Call Of The Big Mac - A Poem ...

I heard it, at first, when the radio was on
The Call Of The Bic Mac: "Hello, there. Food's on."
It called my name and how it did knew'd it
Will ne'er be known. The
Mac, it just do'd it.

With a tempting bun and a sesame seed
It called to me, softly, to come fill a need.
The secret sauce, cheese, the pickles, the meat
It beckoned me: "Let's go. Come on ... let's eat ..."

And, as luck would have it, not a single
Mac callBut two ... a two-fer special ... a double Mac haul.
A taste of heaven, twice over no less!
My will is weak,
Mac, and that I confess.

You seduce, you motion, you caress and you wink.
My senses are faulty; when you're near I can't think.
Your pickles, your lettuce, your savory smell!
I'm akin to Pavlov's dog, simply ding-a-ling that bell!

I'll crave you and want you and pay my three fiddy
I'll sing your sweet theme song; oh what a diddy!
The dreams that I have are of you, my dear Mac
I awake in the night in mid-burger attack.

This, this, oh Mac, is what you do to my psyche.
You get under my skin, I awake and yell "Yikey!"
And it's all for the love of them double patties of beef ...
Big Mac, you're my longing, my desire, my relief.

*sigh* At McDonald's, it's Big Mac time for you.

........................... Ruprecht ( STOP )