Sunday, November 11, 2018

Ball: Dropped

Vacation has been a challenge the last few days.

I won't get into the whys and wherefores of it all and drone on about the reasons except to note I missed yesterday's NaBloPoMo entry. 


The Day: Up ant 6 in the morning and didn't stop until I crashed in the surprisingly comfortable hotel bed after midnight. The entire day was jam-packed.

Breakfast, a couple farmer's markets, shopping and running around all over Boise, Idaho followed by a necessary venture to a popular record store (full disclosure: David Byrne's latest, Utopia, was picked up along with used copies of World Party's Private Revolution from 1986 and Shriekback's 1984 effort Jam Science), dinner, then an raucous Idaho Steelheads' hockey game (they lost in overtime, 5-4). See? Packed. And, bad me, I didn't allot time to sit the back of my front down and plunk out an entry.

Plus ... yesterday was Day 10 which meant I was supposed to share 5 Personal Things about me! I know, I know ... I messed up and dropped the ball ... and you were looking forward to gleaning further information about yours truly. Shame on me!

So ... here's what I'll do about that missing post: On the 15th? When next the 5 Personal Things crops up? I'll make certain there are ten instead of just the usual five to make up for the flub.

Deal? All right then ... we're kosher.

.......... Ruprecht ( STOP )

Friday, November 9, 2018

Boise State Misery

It's not the crowds that bother me.

And it's not the fact I don't care for college football ... even a live game.

Really, it's the hardass metal benches - even with padding and cushions and seatbacks - having their way with my scrawny backside I hate.

.......... Ruprecht ( STOP )

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Sea ... See?


Don't tell anyone. Here's a sneak peek of tomorrow's prompt "Shark" for a 30 day drawing challenge I'm currently involved with.

.......... Ruprecht ( STOP )

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

A Polling Place Story

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018. Placerville, CA. Polling place #320:

I walk in the conference room where polling is taking place for the mid-terms. Directly in front of me is a long table with a woman sitting behind it helping a man in a wheelchair. Another table is situated to the left of her, angling at about 45° with two more woman sitting attentively. A sign reading "A" is hanging off the front of it. Yet another table, to the left of the "A" table, is to its left again. Two more people are at that one, a woman on the left and a young man to her left. This woman greets me ...

"Hello! Can I help you?" she asks me.

"Hello yourself! Yes ... I'm here to vote" I tell her.

"I notice you have a mail-in ballot" she observes.

"I do! I have a question about that afterward. Now, I see an 'A' and a 'B' table but I don't see any 'N' table for me so ... where do I go?" I ask. Out of the corner of my eye I notice the woman at Table "A" shaking her head back and forth at my conversation in an "Oh, brother ... one of them" sort of ways. I turn to look at her and she quickly looks down at her charts, half concealing a sneer.

"Start at that first table when you walked in. That lady will get you on your way" the woman at Table "B" informs me cheerfully.

"Thank you" I respond and wait for the woman working with the handicapped gentleman finish.

In moments, she gets me checked in and directs me to Table "B." I walk past Table "A" and the sneering woman and look at her once again, but she still has her head down and won't look at me to save her life. I guess I'm just too much of a ball of fire for her to pay me any mind. Again I approach Table "B" and speak with the personable woman who first greeted me. She repeats my name - as she heard it when I checked in - finds my name, flips her chart around and asks me to sign beside my name. She hands me my ballot.

"Here you go. Behind you is seating so you can vote. Now ... you had a question about the mail-in ballot you brought with you?"

"Thank you ... and yes, I do. Can I drop this off here?"

"Yes. It's signed by the addressee, dated and you've signed it as well?"

"Yes ma'am to all three" I inform her.

"That box, right over there beside the ballot box ... that's where you deposit it" I'm told.

"Terrific!" I walk over, drop the mail-in ballot in its box and go vote.

I'm done in 30 seconds, get up from my seat and hold up my ballot. "This receptacle here?" I ask before depositing my completed ballot.

"Wow!" Table "B" woman exclaims "That was fast!"

"I don't fool around" I tell her. "This isn't my first rodeo, you know ..." She smiles at me. I snag my complimentary "I Voted!" sticker and waved as I strolled my way to the exit: "Have a good rest of a voting afternoon!"

As I walk out, I turn directly at The Sneering Woman at Table "A" one last time, ready to flash her a "I don't know what your problem is, lady, but you volunteered to perform with this circus and the adoring public who come knocking at its door so you better suck it up and work it until the very end" look but, once more, she's looking at her charts, doing everything in her power to avoid me. I almost stopped to ask her an annoying question or two but my mere presence appeared to have already accomplished that. I didn't need to do anything further.

I had to wonder, though: Why the hell was the woman working a polling station knowing she's going to get all kinds of personalities walking through the door if she's not ready to take on all comers? It's not as if I was a pain in the ass or anything. The last few years I've volunteered myself to work the elections and I well knew I needed to pull up my suspenders, make certain my underwear were straight and secure and put on a happy face.

I'll never know the answer to what her problem was. And I'm okay with that ...

.......... Ruprecht ( STOP )

Tuesday, November 6, 2018


Indeed, the Halloween season is over.

Especially when you begin to droop, when the mold begins to appear, when your color fades and when you start to leak.

So long, Friend. You were good while you lasted.

Better days ...

.......... Ruprecht ( STOP )

Monday, November 5, 2018

5 Personal Things

Hello, Faithful Readers!

Know what today is? Why, November 5th, the fifth day of NaBloPoMo! You know what that means? It means it's the first of six different blog postings where I, your trusty essayist, detail five individual and personal pieces of information about my ownself! Lucky you!

Ready? Then let's get right to it! Here we go!

#1: I have an abnormally low LDL cholesterol level, around 40 200 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL). This is the so called "bad" cholesterol so this is a good thing. Yep, I'm a medical freak of nature.

#2: If it's summertime, I have cherry pits in my mouth. Continually during the summer months (and whenever I can get them) I eat cherries like they're going out of style and I retain the pits to roll around in my mouth throughout the day. It's a habit.

#3: I sported a mullet for more than 20 consecutive years. It wasn't until about 15 or so years ago I finally gave that hairstyle up. Hey, something works for you? You stick with it.

#4: I cannot eat anything off of a metal surface with metal utensils. There is a coppery, metallic tang in anything that transfers to food metal to metal. It's akin to scraping fingernails on a chalkboard for me. If I'm served on a metal plate, it gets returned. I just can't do it.

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO ... !!!

#5: Every time I purchase a pair of shoes, I almost always re-lace them. That's because, for some reason, when they assemble the laces in shoes at the factory the laces constantly begin at the top of shoes going INTO the eyelets. I need those laces coming OUT of the beginning eyelets and doing so with all successive eyelets. No exceptions.

And there you go! Wasn't that fun? And just think: In five more days, on the 10th, you'll get five more pearls of information about yours truly. I know ... the anticipation, it's almost to the point of excruciating. 

Like they say: The waiting is the hardest part ...

.......... Ruprecht ( STOP )

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Get Up, Get Going

As I've gotten older I've found - and especially in the last year - my "buddy" Insomnia runs a continuous free-for-all event somewhere inside my body with exactly zero sign of surcease any time in the immediate future. 

For the most part, I don't have a problem with this. I've rarely required much sleep (I subsist on 5-6 hours regularly) and it behooves my schedule for the most part. I'm continuously doing something and, currently, I'm busier than ever. Trips, writing, drawing, various household projects, etc. My hours awake are rarely wasted. And in truth it's rather difficult to accomplish any of my activities while slumbering.

But, Insomnia is a sly, sometimes devious devil. 

With the time change this morning, it was comforting knowing after a pretty full day of outdoor chores I would be relishing in that extra hour of sleep. I beat myself up physically Saturday and I knew my body needed a little recovery time. 

Fat chance I'd be getting it though. I was up just after 3:00 a.m. this morning. And that was prior to changing the clocks. 

I mean ... I don't have a problem getting up early. But I did take a few minutes to consider whether or not I really needed to get the coffee maker running at that hour knowing there was a full day yet ahead ...

.......... Ruprecht ( STOP )