Friday, January 16, 2009

Rumor Quasher, Bane Of Doubters Everywhere

There is a certain someone.

A certain someone who doubts Rupe.

So Rupe's here to quash the doubt. Once and for all.

Do you remember "Jack, The Giant Killer"? Well, Rupe's taking the guise of

Rupe, The Rumor Quasher.

It seems Rupe's little photo project of a few days ago has been met with skepticism. Seems the lighting was a bit too suspect. That the photo seemed a bit "too convenient", that it was posted "to gain maximum benefit from the subject matter". hhhhmmmmmmm .....

Words were tossed about suggesting the photo Rupe provided wasn't all it was cracked up to be. That it was doctored ... altered ... fixed ... fake ... fudged ... messed with ... inconceivable ... grossly inaccurate ... sullied ... underhandedly-offered.

Well, Rupe says *pshah* to that sort of talk. Rupe'll let the photos do the talking below.

And as an added bonus, if'n you click on each and everyone, it will magically enlarge for your dining and dancing pleasure. Go ahead. Scrutinize 'til your eyeballs are sore. (And bring your dog 'round - we'll give him a bonus, too.)

Doctored my ass.

Sincerely and With Affection To 'You Know Who' .....

............................. Ruprecht ( STOP-ping the rumors )