Saturday, January 3, 2009

That's All It Took ...

Three days into the New Year.

That’s all it took.

Here. Here’s a brief synopsis.

“Brother of Madonna” is now a joke catch phrase.

Italian Sweet Crème coffee creamer is a bit of a treat ... but I wouldn’t want it as a permanent substitution.

Rupe’s still anal. Our Christmas tree was cut and trimmed so’s to fit completely within the “green” bin for trash pickup. Complete with closing lid. Go figger.

The L.A. Times, in their infinite wizdumb, has raised Rupe’s Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday newspaper subscription from $.75 per week to $2.75 per week. Rupe’s not thrilled ... especially when we've had the same subscription rate for the last three years. For the time being, no paper will be gracing Rupe’s doorstep in protest. And someone’s gonna hear about it.

Upon coming home from a full day’s work one evening, I was greeted with “Your turn. Deal with your children.” Never a good sign.

Rupe heard a very, very disturbing story about Michael Buffer.

The See’s Candies® Victoria Toffee Rupe acquired as a Christmas gift is being milked to its fullest in teeny, tiny increments.

Chick fights rock.

California winters confuse the life and leaves out of deciduous trees.

Carl Weathers isn’t aging well.

Paella should not be made with artichoke hearts. Period.

Most of these will be submitted to further detail down the line.

Vote for your favorite. And good luck!

........................... Ruprecht ( STOP )