Saturday, July 5, 2014


I'm lost. Care to help me out here?

< rant >

Just when did the terms 'Murica and 'Merica become acceptable uses for "America" ... ??? 

Last time I checked (and that was just a few moments ago) America is still "America." Somewhere along the line it got shortened. Short shrifted.

I don't care who you are: If you live here it should be spelled properly when used: "America." Or "The United States Of America." An acceptable abbreviation is "USA" or "U.S.A." 

It's a matter of respect.

It's like the word "cop." I know it's a shortened form of the word "copper," probably derived from "to cop" meaning "to seize or capture" (and, erroneously "constable on patrol" - did you know that?) but I don't use the term. In my eyes it's just this side of disrespectful. They're "police" or "police officers" not "cops." They've earned the title.

America? America is America. Nothing less. 

It's definitely earned the respect.

< /rant >

.......... Ruprecht ( STOP using disrespectful terms for "America" )

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