Wednesday, August 21, 2013

You Can't Flunk ... Only Your Teacher Can

During an evening dinner out not too long ago with a group of people, the conversation was as lively as it was all over the place. 

Fast-paced. Enjoyable. Interesting.

And then, at one point, it turned to the subject of school. That school "started so early this year" ... earlier than ever. About our personal experiences with school as kids. What school used to be for us. Why in the world has discipline been removed from schools? Things like that.

And then came "the bombshell" ...

"Well ... here's what I think: Every student that enters a class automatically has an A+. If their grades suffer as the year progresses, it's the teacher's fault. Their grades are a direct reflection on how a teacher teaches, not on how a student learns ..."

All of us just looked at her with our chins in our laps.

Agree? Or disagree?

Chime in, Folks ...

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