Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Can I Borrow A $200.00 Bill?

My daughter routinely carries around $200.00 bills.

It's what she uses to pay for things.

So, when new fish were needed - and throw in a few ghost shrimp to boot - she paid with a $200.00 bill. And a penny. Easy peasy, Japanesey.

Okay .... so maybe she didn't. But the lady working the register just insisted my daughter paid $200.00 for $5.71 worth of water-dwelling creatures.

The fact of the matter was it was nothing of the sort. It was a mere $10.00 that was given to the register lady. Seriously ... how in the world do you mistake $10.00 for $200.00 ... ?!?!?

A verbal volley ensued. $194.40 was due back as change and she wasn't going to take no for an answer. My wife countered. The register lady tossed it back. My wife re-countered. Back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. The register lady was very insistent we were due what we were due.

In the end, we were the winner. And in hindsight - and without probably knowing it because she was still steamed she couldn't give away free money - so was the register lady.

Because she would have had a load of fun trying to explain why her register was $190.00 light that night .....

....................... Ruprecht ( STOP )