Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Brain, Defunked

Listening to my trusty 100.3 The Sound on the way into work this morning, a familiar song came out the car speakers.

“Turkey Apple Ferris Wheel”.

Wait … that’s not the title. Wait.

Oh, yeah. It’s "Trapped Aardvark Just Working Out".

No, no, no. That’s not it either.

Okay! I remember! I got it: “Too Many Pews Facing Out”.

What in the world … ?!? How could I possibly forget the name of this tune? I know the artist, Bruce Springsteen of course. So … why can’t I get the title working in my mind?

“Tent Amy’s Are Freaking Out”?

“Test Anime Faking Kraut”?

“Tea Paring Knife Drinking Stout”?

Good Gordness! I need more coffee.

I look down at the display on my stereo. It reads “Tenth Avenue Freeze Out”, you bonehead.

Naw. That can’t be it ….

……………………………. Ruprecht ( STOP )