Saturday, March 7, 2009

Random Thoughts

I listened to "KRAB Radio" whilst in Bakersfield Thursday afternoon. On came Seether's cover of "Careless Whisper". Cranked up, it sounds rather spiffy ...

I am out of batteries for my camera. Must. Locate. And. Procure. Rechargeable. Lithium. Unit. Soon.

I got the opportunity to get out and catch a recent flick last evening. Interestingly, Clint Eastwood exhibited a bevy of my father's tics and mannerisms in "Grand Torino".

By the by, I took my Mother-In-Law to see the above film. She enjoyed it immensely, as did I. Moreso, I gleefully picked out many continuity foibles within the film. (It's what Rupe does.)

As of this morning, the number in our household now stands at five. Welcome, Bob The Dog.

I am not looking forward to going out and about with one of our vendors next Wednesday. But I am looking forward to torturing him.

I hum Lydia The Tattooed Lady as I end this posting .....

................................. Ruprecht ( STOP )