Monday, March 16, 2009

Entertainment Weekly

I was 'forced' to write The Powers That Be at Entertainment Weekly.

Their little blurby "
Cage's Time Capsule" was wrong, wrong, wrong.

'Cause, you know, while Rupe loves his
Entertainment Weekly, he's all about continuity just as much .....

......................... Ruprecht ( STOP )


Seriously ... let's do a little research - the teeny tiniest bit, at least - when it comes to snappy features such as "Cage's Time Capsule" on page 16 of issue #1039 (March, 20, 2009):

"His wooden hand" from Moonstruck as one of the real-life, career-spanning Cage time capsule items? Absolutely.

However, amongst the items shown is a prosthetic wooden right hand.

Come on, guys. Let's make certain it's the "right" hand:

The Left One